Tennis Balls Tour Tennis Tube - yellow
Looking For A Great Lasting Ball That Performs On A Variety Of Surfaces? Yonex Has You Covered With Theâ 4 Ball Can. The Durable Felt Is Made To Be Durable, And The Four Ball Can Ensures That You Will Be Hitting With...
LE 390.00
Babolat Gold Academy X72 Box, Yellow Trainer Tennis Balls
The Babolat Academy Tub Contains 72 "Pressureless" Balls Which Are Suitable For Use With A Ball Machine Or Training. These Balls Will Never Go Flat, So They Are Very Economical. Depending On The Surface You Use These On, You Can Get Months...
LE 6,199.00
Babolat Tennis Balls Green Box X72 / Jaune
The ideal ball for a beginner who is experiencing a full-size court as it is 25% slower than regular tennis balls. They are approved by the ITF Play & Stay Stage 1. BENEFITS SLOW BALL Low compression of the ball...
LE 6,679.00
Babolat Tennis Balls Red Foam X24
This ball is designed for people who are in the midst of learning how to play tennis (stage 3). When the ball is played, the speed will decrease by 75% and thus gives you more time to anticipate it. Moreover,...
LE 3,799.00
Tennis Balls 36 Tubes 4 X-One
 The X-One ball is a lively, fast, ultra performance ball which holds a long longevity. The choice of competitors. Used at the ATP Marseille and Rotterdam touranments, this ball is for top level competiton players.
LE 203.00
Tennis Ball Starter Green Play 4 Tball
The Wilson Starter Balls are designed to help improve your game for the aspiring junior and adult. Specifications: Ball Class: Transition Ball Pack Size: 4 Ball can  Color: Green 
LE 305.00
Tennis Ball Us Open 9 In Jumbo
This Mini Jumbo Yellow Ball serves as a great display piece in the bedroom, a convenient product for tennis players to sign following matches, or a toy for kids to cherish. Ball features official logo of the US Open and...
LE 325.00
Tennis Balls Roland Garros 3 Ball
The Roland Garros Tournament Ball Plays Significantly Slower Than A Regular Tennis Ball To Help Developing Juniors Improve Their Timing And Focus On Their Fundamentals. Designed For Competitive 10-And-Under Play On Smaller Courts, This Ball Has 50% Less Bounce And...
LE 104.00
Tennis Balls Roland Garros 3 Ball
The Roland Garros Orange Tournament Ball plays significantly slower than a regular tennis ball to help developing juniors improve their timing and focus on their fundamentals. Designed for competitive 10-and-under play on smaller courts, this ball has 50% less bounce...
LE 104.00
Babolat Tennis Balls Orange Bag X36 Ball
Beginners Will Have More Fun Practising Tennis Thanks To Those Mini-Tennis Balls. Those Balls Are 50% Slower Than Regular Tennis Balls. Itf-Approved For Play &Amp; Stay Stage 2 Benefits Slow Ball Low Compression Of The Ball Allows Beginners To Improve...
LE 2,899.00
Babolat Tennis Balls Red Felt X24
A Mini-Tennis Ball That Is Slower And Bigger So As Beginners Have More Fun Practising Tennis. Those Balls Are 75% Slower Than Regular Tennis Balls ; It Helps The Kids To Hit The Balls. Itf-Approved For Play &Amp; Stay Stage...
LE 3,199.00
Tennis Balls Starter 6 Pack
Designed to aid kids beginning to learn how to play tennis, the Foam Starter Ball features a soft foam composition for superior playability. This oversize ball allows youths to learn the basics of serves, volleys and groundstrokes as they continue...
LE 468.00
Tennis Balls Tour All Court 4 Ball
Top Performance Water Resistant Tennis Ball With New Ncore Technology For Increased Durability. Wilsons New Ncore Inner Makes It More Difficult For Air To Escape From The Inside Of The Ball Thus Maintaining Normal Air Pressure Longer For A More...
LE 163.00
Head Tennis Balls Tour
HEAD The HEAD TOUR ball was developed with the support of  tennis pro players. Thanks to the Dynamic (EN)Core technology the HEAD TOUR provides great speed and spin. It is the official ball of many tennis federations, clubs and tournaments.
LE 180.00
Roland Garros Clay 4 Ball Can
Taking center court on the red clay at Roland-Garros, the Wilson Roland Garros tennis ball continues the brands rich tradition of high performance tennis balls on the biggest stages in the sport. Boasting a core designed for longer rallies and...
LE 243.00
Roland Garros Clay Court 4 Balls
Taking center court on the red clay at Roland-Garros, the Wilson Roland Garros tennis ball continues the brands rich tradition of high performance tennis balls on the biggest stages in the sport. Boasting a core designed for longer rallies and...
LE 243.00
Roland Garros 9 Jumbo Tball Ye Defl
Wilsons immensely popular jumbo ball welcomes the home of the biggest clay court tournament to its stable. This Roland Garros Jumbo Yellow Ball doubles as a great display piece in your home or an excellent souvenir with autographs from tennis...
LE 473.00
Babolat Team All Court 4 Yellow Tennis Balls Pack
Babolat Team Tennis Ballsâ Are Designed For Training And Matches. The Balls Are Pressurized And Suitable For All Types Of Players, Both Racing And Recreational. It Offers High Comfort During The Game, Optimal Rebound And Long Life, As Well As A Feeling For The...
LE 409.00
Tennis Balls Game Tube - Yellow
LE 350.00
Tennis Balls Game Tube - Yellow
Designed For Regular Practice At Clubs Pressurised; Heavy Duty Woven Felt For A Long Lasting Durability Excellent Visibility; Water-Resistant Very Consistent; Itf Approved Supplied As A Tube Of 4
LE 350.00
Tour Premier All Court 4 Ball
Yellow optivis felt for increased visibility Unique woven felt for durability Tennis Australia and ITF approved\ Product Code: WRT119400
LE 305.00
Dunlop Unisex Tennis Ball FORT ALL COURT - Yellow
LE 270.00
Dunlop Kids Tennis Ball 1 - Green
Dunlop Stage 1 Balls   The Dunlop Stage 1 Green Tennis Balls have been designed as transition balls which allows you more time to prepare your return shot. These Dunlop tennis balls are suitable for players of all ages and...
LE 105.00
Dunlop Kids Tennis Ball 2 - Orange
Gas filled allround training ball with slightly less compression. This ball with good quality felt is suitable for all surfaces and good for young, novice players who play at official measure courts but are physically not quite ready for the...
LE 105.00
Dunlop Unisex Tennis Ball Stage 1 Green
These tennis balls are slower than standard tennis balls. The lower compression & lower bounce give junior players more time to position themselves for each shot.
LE 125.00

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