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Smart Dumbbells Set
Body Sculpture's Smart Dumbbells are perfect for use at home or any gym class. Dumbbell training is ideal for toning the arms and upper body muscles. The Smart Dumbbells also feature an ergonomic design for the utmost comfort while in...
LE 895.00
Skip Rope
The Skip Rope is a great product for a full-body workout. As its one of the most effective cardio exercises. The Skip Ropes benefits the user via an increase in calorie burning, improves cardio, and increases muscle engagement as well.    Specification:  Length of rope: 9 FT....
LE 85.00
Adjustable Ankle Weights (2.25kg)
Muscle toning or strengthening aims to make muscles firmer by tensing the muscle fibers used to support the skeleton. Add extra resistance and increase the intensity of your workout to maximise your potential. Ankle weight are great help in toning and...
LE 475.00
Elastic Resistance Band Set
The ultimate home workout tool for men and women; Body Sculpture's light, medium and heavy resistance bands customise and supercharge your workouts. These bands activate and sculpt butt, legs, thighs and abs. The bands boast a wider, more comfortable fit,...
LE 245.00
Exercise Wheel
The Exercise Wheel is ideal for abdominal strength exercises; as it helps prevent lower back pain and improves user's sports performance as well. Ab wheel exercises effectively strengthens a large number of muscles such as: arms, shoulders, and back. The product also increases your...
LE 205.00
Lateral Speed Resistor
The Lateral Speed Resistor is ideal for resistance exercises that will help you increase bone density, improve metabolism, strengthen your lower body muscles, and helps the user maintain correct body positioning. The Lateral Speed Resistor works on developing strength, balance,...
LE 415.00
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