Smart Dumbbells Set
Body Sculpture's Smart Dumbbells are perfect for use at home or any gym class. Dumbbell training is ideal for toning the arms and upper body muscles. The Smart Dumbbells also feature an ergonomic design for the utmost comfort while in...
LE 695.00
Cork Yoga Mat
The Cork Yoga Mat is ideal for stability with a thickness of 4 MM. The mat features excellent traction as its slip resistance, its also, made with a TPE coating which adheres perfectly to any floor surface, it does not move nor bend during a yoga...
LE 675.00
Home Multigym
Body Sculpture Home MultiGym allows you to a get a full body workout at home. Perfect for those who wants to increase their muscles mass, improve their overall fitness and physique. The product is constructed in a way to assure that...
LE 7,450.00
Aerobic Stepper
The Aerobic Stepper is ideal for home workout sessions, and even allows the user to exercise in office spaces and on the go. Offers an excellent traction on any floor; provides stability and protects floors. With an adjustable height option of:...
LE 475.00
Incline Bench
The Incline Bench is perfect for dumbbell exercises and other various weight lifting workouts of your choice. It features an adjustable back pads that can be readjusted into numerous positions. The product contains a soft foam roller pads for maximum lower body comfort...
LE 1,750.00
Boxing Gloves Hybrid-100
LE 995.00
  • Black/Gold
  • Black/White
Boxing Gloves Hybrid-100
These boxing gloves are made from polyurethane leather to give them toughness, long-lasting and durable exterior. Suitable for punching sand bag, mitt training, fitness classes and light sparring. Provided with wide Velcro strap for maximum wrist support and great fit....
LE 995.00
  • Black/Gold
  • Black/White
Bosu Ball
Bosu Ball provides cardio, muscular strength, flexibility and endurance training in a unique, challenging and highly effective workouts. Challenging and fun, it gives a whole new meaning to "moving with control" as you workout on an unstable dynamic surface.  Specifications: ...
LE 1,425.00
Motorized Treadmill
LE 9,950.00 LE 7,950.00
Motorized Treadmill
The Motorized Treadmill features three levels of manual incline for the user to switch from one to another depending on preference. With a computer function that allows the user to keep track of time, speed, distance, hand pulse, and amount of burned calories....
LE 9,950.00 LE 7,950.00
Single Mouth Guard
Single Mouth guards are designed to be used in all contact sports including boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. The product is constructed of food grain transparent material without any dyes. Available in two different convenient sizes junior and senior.  Specifications: Color: Transparent. Available...
LE 145.00
Knuckle Sleeve
Top quality knuckle sleeve is perfect to wear under your boxing gloves to protect your knuckles while practicing all combat sports. Constructed from neoprene foam. Provided with gel padding to absorb all shocks and give more support to your fist....
LE 425.00
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