Patella Strap
The Patella Strap is a knee strap, thats applied just under the knee cap. Its designed to press on the patellar tendon and tightens up the knee mechanism, providing support to the knee cap during running and other numerous exercises or support for a previously injured...
LE 395.00
Body Sculpture Elastic Elbow Support
Theâ Elastic Elbow Support Is Designed To Be Breathable And Comfortable To Wear Duringâ Long Workout Sessions. The Product Assists In Relieving Pain, Reduces Risk For Any Possible Injury, Reduces Swelling, And Improves Blood Circulation; Through Comfortable Pressure And Body Heat Retention...
LE 295.00
Wrist Support
LE 225.00
Wrist Support
The Wrist Support will give you an extra feeling of confidence in your grip during your workout sessions. The product is designed to reduce wrist pain thats caused via repetitive weight lifting and any other heavy power-lifting workouts, enhances your workout variety,...
LE 225.00
Knee Support Open Patella Reinforced With Terry Cloth
The Knee Support Open Patella Reinforced With Terry Cloth is designed specifically to support the patella while the user exercises. The compression of the product warms your muscles during exercising, this improves the healing process so you can workout for a longer duration of...
LE 495.00
Elastic Thigh Support
The Elastic Thigh Support is created for extra stability and support, the Elastic Thigh Support will compress the thigh stimulating blood flow and delivering more oxygen during workout sessions; which is imperative for a speedy recovery for an existing injury. The product will increase your leg muscles...
LE 165.00
Elastic Knee Brace Bandage Support
The Elastic Knee Brace Bandage Support is designed to improve stability by eliminating unwanted gliding and twisting at the knee. The brace ensures that the weight through the joint is evenly distributed during the usage of the product, which helps ease pain through exercising....
LE 425.00
Body Sculpture Elastic Elbow Brace Bandage Support
The Elastic Elbow Brace Bandage Support allows the user to maintain top physical condition following an injury or after a long workout session. The product benefits the user via providing compression therapy to the joint as well as the upper forearm, support to the injured...
LE 335.00
Body Sculpture Elbow Wrap
Ice and hot wrap helps to relieve muscle aches, strains, sprains and pains. The product is designed to assist in relieving pain caused by tight muscle tension, for rehabilitation and recovery from sports and  non-sports related elbow injuries, and prevents any future possible chronic injury. ...
LE 425.00
Body Sculpture Unisex Ankle Wrap With Terry Cloth
The Ankle Wrap With Terry Cloth is ideal and recommended for treatment of soft tissues caused by ankle injuries as well as sprains and strains. The product will provide the user support while maintaining flexibility along with compression, will improve ankle stability...
LE 425.00
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