Jumping Trampoline
The Hex Trampoline with handle is the perfect option if you're looking to increase the capacity of your lungs and heart, this can make your whole day easier and much more productive. It is designed and built with safety as a focus...
LE 2,450.00
Multi Resistance Training Kit
Fitted with 5 adjustable and durable tubes and reinforced links, these exercise bands are designed to withstand intense daily exercise sessions.Use these fitness bands to perform rows, pulls, raises, and fly workout sets to exercise your arms, back, hips, legs,...
LE 595.00
Core Sliders
The Core Slider helps balance your body by creating resisting movements in both directions, which works as a push-pull effect that will help your muscles engage correctly through your exercises, and helps in building core strength and increases flexibility. The product's low-friction, non-marking material...
LE 199.00
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Soft Foam Skip Rope
The Soft Foam Skip Rope provides the user comfort and an excellent grip. With its design of its foam handles which reduces hand strain and makes jumping rope easy. The Soft Foam Skip Rope grip can prevent the user's palm sweat and reduces strain...
LE 185.00
Speed Rope
The Speed Rope is a great way to elevating one's workout routine, training with it raises the user's heart rate, to a higher intensity than it's used to. The Speed Rope and high intensity workouts benefits the user in toning calves, tightens core,...
LE 175.00
Skip Rope With Plastic Handles
The Skip Rope With Plastic Handles is constructed with light weight plastic handles for maximum ease and comfort while exercising. The plastic links offers protection and durability to the inside of the rope. The Skip Rope is a full body workout which uses your abdominals to stabilize the upper...
LE 79.00
Total Body Suspension TRX
The Total Body Suspension Trainer is perfect for core muscle stability and cardiovascular exercises; as it targets all the major muscles and is also great for injury rehabilitation. This light weighted TRX is adjustable and can be used indoors as...
LE 1,250.00 LE 999.00
Skip Rope
The Skip Rope is a great product for a full-body workout. As its one of the most effective cardio exercises. The Skip Ropes benefits the user via an increase in calorie burning, improves cardio, and increases muscle engagement as well.    Specification:  Length of rope: 9 FT....
LE 69.00
Aerobic Bouncer (Trampoline)
Aerobic bouncer exercises are a convenient and enjoyable way to boost your cardiovascular health; as it improves endurance, relieve stress and tension. They can help you develop better balance, coordination, and motor skills. These exercises target your back, core, and...
from LE 1,095.00
Power Training Rope
Elevate your strength workout with Body Sculpture Power Training Rope. Targets key strength areas including back, arms, shoulders and  legs. It works the entire body for overall strength and conditioning, it also helps build grip strength.  Specifications:  Size: L 30 feet X dia...
LE 1,250.00
Cable Speed Skip Rope
The Cable Speed Skip Rope is ideal for speed training, cardio exercise, double unders and overall hard training. The product helps the user to boost speed, coordination and endurance. With its design of non-slip hand grips it allows the user easy handling feeling during the...
LE 195.00
Weighted Speed Rope
The Weighted Speed Rope is an upgrade from your regular jump rope; as the heavy ropes require upper body strength to continue spinning the rope for repeated jumps during your workout. This product can enhance your workouts via stamina, aguility progressive overloading,...
LE 275.00
Lateral Speed Resistor
The Lateral Speed Resistor is ideal for resistance exercises that will help you increase bone density, improve metabolism, strengthen your lower body muscles, and helps the user maintain correct body positioning. The Lateral Speed Resistor works on developing strength, balance,...
LE 375.00
Speed Running Chute
The Speed Running Chute helps to increase your sprinting speed; by making various muscles such as the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves contract with more intensity. Allows you to control the level of resistance needed from your session; as you run faster, the drag created by...
LE 295.00
Deluxe Skip Rope
The Deluxe Skip Rope is ideal for both aerobic and cardio exercises. The product can benefit the user in different attributes; as it adds to your workout routine an increase in endurance, muscle definition, coordination, and concentration. The Deluxe Skip Rope is also beginner-friendly.   Specifications:  Length...
LE 99.00
Skip Rope
The Skip Rope is ideal for a full-body workout and wight loss. The user will benefit from improvement in coordination, posture, muscle tone, and the added value to cardio workouts. The Skip Rope features its design with a transparent rope and soft comfortable...
LE 175.00
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Medicine Ball
LE 365.00 LE 328.00
Medicine Ball
The medicine ball puts some weight of easy-grip resistance in your hands, making the most out of every sit up, twist, arm raise, squat, or lunge. From gentle rehabilitation exercises to building explosive power needed by competitive athletes, the medicine...
LE 365.00 LE 328.00
Speed Ladder
The Speed Ladder is ideal for improving both speed and agility, gets your heart pumping which is a great form of cardio, assists in burning calories due to the high intensity from training with the Speed Ladder. Training with a Speed Ladder requires you to...
LE 375.00
Tummy Action Power
The Tummy Action Power will benefit the user in various ways as the product tightens abdominal muscles, enhances sports performance, reduces existing lower back pain, improves posture and stability, and with continuous usage of the product the user's ability to bear more weights will improve. The Tummy Action Power is an...
LE 325.00
Skip Rope
The Skip Rope features an ergonomic design for easy grip, with a handle coated with soft foam grips for maximum comfort during exercising. The user will benefit from this product various ways via improving coordination, breathing efficiency, and helps increase the intensity of circuit-training workouts....
LE 155.00
Slam Ball 30lb
  Slam balls are great for working the entire body and for releasing some aggression.  Textured surface allows for a high quality grip even when wet. No bounce design proves to be ideal for various throwing and Slamming routines Specifications:  Grip-friendly,...
LE 999.00
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