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TYR Hydrofoil Kick-board
The TYR Hydrofoil Kick-board is engineered for high level training; as it provides a natural body position in the water. The product features a three-dimensional design, it provides enhanced control over kinetic movement, allowing the upper body to move and roll in cadence...
LE 360.00
TYR Classic Kick-board
The TYR Classic Kick-board is engineered for swimmers on all levels. The product is the perfect training aid for swim training and any aquatic exercise routines. The TYR Classic Kick-board is designed to build leg strength; as it restricts the arms' movement and isolates the legs so...
LE 290.00
TYR Jr Kick-board
The TYR Jr Kick-board is specifically engineered for kids and smaller swimmers. The TYR Jr Kick-board will provide beginners with confidence in the water and will help the kids practice getting their face in the water, practice proper kicks; which assists in building leg strength, and also works as a flotation...
LE 210.00
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