Luxilon Original 130 200M Reel
The first of Luxilons epic Big Banger line, Original 130 features a poly-ether-ether blend that delivers supreme durability, providing optimal power for baseliners seeking string with more stability. Its strong durability characteristics make this a popular choice for players who...
LE 3,900.00
Alu Power 125 Rough 220M Reel
Wilson Luxilon Unisex Alu Power 125 Rough 220M ReelALU Power Rough uses a textured surface to generate additional spin - ideal for baseliners looking to create power and spin with fast, full swings. Its dented surface also provides more string...
LE 9,750.00
Luxilon Smart 125 200M Reel
This Luxilon Smart 125 200m Reel features fiber characteristics within the polymer material change based on the swing speed, flexing during slower swings for enhanced touch and stiffening up during fast swings for more control. Specifications: Brand: LUXILON  Gauge:16 /1,25 mm...
LE 5,720.00
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