Nike Unisex Strapless Mouthguard Adult - GREY HAZE
Mouthguard Nike Custom Fit Strapless Mouthguard Adult.Protection of the oral cavity during training.Composition: EVA-100%.
LE 300.00 LE 150.00
Nike Unisex Strapless Mouthguard Adult - BLACK
Mouthguard Nike Custom Fit Strapless Mouthguard Adult.Protection of the oral cavity during training.Composition: EVA-100%.
LE 300.00 LE 150.00
Adidas Unisex Boxing Gloves Speed-50 - Black/Gold
LE 1,425.00
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Adidas Unisex Boxing Gloves Speed-50 - Black/Gold
Adidas boxing gloves speed 50 is made of durable PU leather added with Velcro/elastic strapping for a secure fit. Pre-molded design to provide the athlete proper wear, also provided with a very smooth inner lining to offer maximum comfort. The construction...
LE 1,425.00
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Adidas Unisex Boxing Gloves Hybrid-50 - Black/Gold
Hybrid-50 boxing gloves is made from a high quality PU material to provide maximum durability and great shock absorption protecting your fist and knuckle during a boxing workout. Provided with internal lining on the inside for optimal comfort and great fit....
LE 1,685.00
Adidas Unisex Boxing Gloves Hybrid-100 - Black/Gold
These boxing gloves are made from polyurethane leather to give them toughness, long-lasting and durable exterior. Suitable for punching sand bag, mitt training, fitness classes and light sparring. Provided with wide Velcro strap for maximum wrist support and great fit....
LE 1,945.00
Adidas MMA Boxing Gloves - Black/Gold
Constructed with a durable PU leather from the exterior to endure long-lasting training sessions and sparring,  along with knuckle padding from EVA foam material. Provided with Climacool technology to keep the athletes hand cool and dry. Presented with adjustable and...
LE 1,685.00
Adidas Single Sports Mouth Guard Transparent for Men‏
Single Mouth guards are designed to be used in all contact sports including boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. The product is constructed of food grain transparent material without any dyes. Available in two different convenient sizes junior and senior.  Specifications: Color: Transparent. Available...
LE 255.00
Adidas Unisex Boxing Crepe Bandage - Black
These hand wraps are perfect for various combat sports (boxing, kickboxing, martial arts, Muay Thai) to protect yourself from any possible injuries. The thumb loop provides a comfortable protective hand wrap, making sure to hold the position. Adidas hand wraps...
from LE 295.00
Adidas Knuckle Sleeve
Top quality knuckle sleeve is perfect to wear under your boxing gloves to protect your knuckles while practicing all combat sports. Constructed from neoprene foam. Provided with gel padding to absorb all shocks and give more support to your fist....
LE 745.00
Adidas Quick Hand Wrap Gloves
Adidas hand wrap gloves are suitable for all combat sports, they are a perfect substitute for boxing bandages. These speed quick hand wraps are designed for optimal safety during training and they are easy to get on and off. Provided with...
LE 945.00
Reversible Boxing Chest - Red/Bue
Adidas reversible boxing chest provides optimum protection for boxing players. It is  constructed of "FLX 3.0" Pu. for maximum durability. Provided with Elastic/Velcro closing for maximum comfort and also padded with light weight, high density EVA duraflex soft foam. These...
LE 2,535.00
Super Pro Shin-N-Ship Guard - Black/Gold
Adidas super pro shin-N-ship is constructed of FLX 3.0 PU leather from the outer surface. Provided with I-comfort+ for maximum comfort and quick drying fabric lining. Added with durable EVA foam padding and gel insert on the front. These shin guards...
LE 2,275.00
Shin & Instep Guard - Red
Shin & instep guard is made from 100% woven polyester with safety break away. Adidas shin guard is padded for maximum safety and provided with foot protection. Specifications: Available in colors: Blue and Red.  Available in sizes: S, M, L, and XL. ...
LE 895.00
Adidas Unisex Competition Head Guard - Blue
Made From Pu Injection Molded Foam, Adjustable Back Of The Head Strap Closing Provided With Adjustable Chin Strap Closing.  Specifications: Material: Flx 3.0 Pu. Available Colors: Blue, Red. Available Sizes: S, M, L. Ce Approved. 
LE 1,295.00
Speed Head Guard With Chin Prot
Adidas head guard with chin prot belongs to the speed collection, provided in nubuck PU material for ultra lightweight, high-end foam padding. Featuring ear and cheek protection for ultimate safety, along with Velcro chin-strap and back of the head closing. These Head Guard...
LE 2,535.00
Mens Groin Guard
Adidas mens groin guard is constructed of "FLX 3.0" Pu leather. The product features an elastic hook and loop strap closure for maximum comfort of the user. These mens groin is made from high density multi-layered EVA foam padding with ANATOMICAL plastic...
LE 1,035.00
Adidas Jump Rope
The Construction Of The Training Accessory Has Been Designed To Optimize The Performance Of A Boxer During Practice.  Specifications:  Made From Durable Plastic With Plastic Rope. Ball Bearing.
LE 615.00
Adidas Wood Skip Rope
This Adidasâ Jump Rope Has Wooden Handles With A Leather Cord; Which A Very High Speed Can Be Achieved With The Use Of The Product. The Ball Bearings Are Specially Designed To Prevent Loss Of Speed.  Specifications:  Handle Made From Re-Enforced...
LE 1,035.00
Adidas Unisex Boxing Gloves Speed 200
  Made from genuine leather, One piece multi layer foam and durable outer lay. Excellent shock absorption and ideal wrist support. The design of the Speed 200 boxing gloves is optimised for intensive speed training. The lightweight synthetic upper also provides...
LE 3,835.00
Simple Mouthguard Ce
Single transparent mouthguard by ADIDAS. Made of transparent silicone. It is single and thermoformable. Available in Senior size for adults. Comes with CE Certification.Single transparent mouthguard by ADIDAS. Made of transparent silicone. It is single and thermoformable. Available in Senior...
LE 255.00
Adidas Unisex Econo Thai Coaching Pad
The Econo Thai Pad by Adidas is characterized by its relatively low weight, which means that it can be held up even during long training sessions.Excellent cushioning of kick, knee and elbow techniques thanks to the high impact technology.The PU3G...
LE 1,755.00
Speed Punching Bag With Chain (120X33Cm) - Black/Gold
Punching bag made of resistant PU with woven backing. Suspended by metal chains and ‘D’ metal ring for hanging the bag on ceiling. Auto-lock slider zipper. This accessory has been filled with textile cuttings only and electronically scanned for your...
LE 3,835.00
Adidas Reversible Padded Elbow Guards - Red/Blue
Elbow padded guard provides the best protection to elbow for weight lifters, tennis players and golf players. Specifications: Material: Polyester/elastic fabric with a soft EVA foam padding.  
LE 465.00
Adidas Unisex Ankle Pad
Adidas ankle socks with three stripes logo. These ankle socks are elastic and therefore form very well around the foot and provide extra strength. The ankle socks can be used for training as well as competitions. Specifications: Available in M to L Provides...
LE 385.00

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