Slim Waist Toner
The Slim Waist Toner assists you in sweating as well as heat generation to eliminate any toxins in your body while exercising with the product, accelerates the calorie burning process which leads to a faster weight loss process, improves posture, and maintains muscle warmth and support to...
LE 295.00
Slim Waist Toner
The Slim Waist Toner promotes a healing posture by straightening the spine and provides support to lower the risk of any possible injury via compression of the product, corrects posture, the belt increases thermal activity and stimulates sweating; leading to accelerating the belly fat...
LE 135.00
Slim Waist Toner
The Slim Waist Toner is designed from breathable neoprene construction for maximum comfort of the user. The product gives support to the back, corrects and improves your posture, the compression assists the user while exercising with an existing back injury or back pain, increases...
LE 165.00
Slim Waist Toner
The Slim Waist Toner is ideal for helping trim and tone the waist area. With its flexible design, stretches to fit all different body types and heights. The product's wide belt, cradles the entire middle section of the user's waist; boosting muscle productivity naturally without...
LE 175.00
Slim Super Shorts Toner
This slim shorts locks in the heat generated during exercise, allowing you to sweat a lot in a short period of time to achieve fat burning and weight loss Specifications:  Designed to provide comfortable support and impact protection. Can be...
LE 365.00
Slim Waist Toner
The Slim Waist Toner fits the entire midsection of the user's waist, as its wide and comfortable. The product boosts muscle productivity, heats sore muscles during and after exercising, stabilizes lower back, increases perspiration and boosts metabolism; which accelerates weight loss.  The product's design features a...
LE 210.00
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