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Home Multigym
Body Sculpture Home MultiGym allows you to a get a full body workout at home. Perfect for those who wants to increase their muscles mass, improve their overall fitness and physique. The product is constructed in a way to assure that...
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Incline Bench
The Incline Bench is perfect for dumbbell exercises and other various weight lifting workouts of your choice. It features an adjustable back pads that can be readjusted into numerous positions. The product contains a soft foam roller pads for maximum lower body comfort...
LE 1,750.00
Weight Lifting Bench With Arm Curl
This training bench is great for a wide variety of full-body workouts. The Weight Lifting Bench With Arm Curl can be used to enhance upper and lower body strength. This workout bench is designed with padded rollers and fully padded vinyl seat...
LE 3,950.00
Incline Decline Bench
The Incline Decline Bench, features a heavy duty structured design. The bench is ideal for dips, sit ups, dumbbell weight lifting exercises and overall full body workouts. Through the bench you can train all your important muscle groups with complete ease. It contains...
LE 2,450.00
Sit Up Bench
The Sit Up Bench allows the user a full body work out, as its an all-in-one piece of equipment which allows the user to perform numerous exercises. Such as, sit-ups, leg-ups and excessive stretching for abdominal and upper body workout. Its designed with a thick...
LE 1,295.00
Weight Training Deck
The Weight Training Deck provides the user with a multi-fitness accessory as it can be used as both a stepper and a bench. The product includes an adjustable height, which can help you challenge various training difficulties and achieve higher fitness...
LE 2,250.00
Back Trainer
With its height adjustable stomach pad to fit all body sizes. The Back Trainer provides convenience for the user; with its sturdy design of wide base frame which is built to ensure maximum safety of the user. The Back Trainer is idle...
LE 1,495.00
Aerobic Stepper
The Aerobic Stepper is ideal for home workout sessions, and even allows the user to exercise in office spaces and on the go. Offers an excellent traction on any floor; provides stability and protects floors. With an adjustable height option of:...
LE 475.00
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Power Tower With Aerobic Step
The Power Tower With Aerobic Step is a multi-functional equipment as it allows the user to train multiple exercises which include: push-ups, chin-ups, dips, knee raises, pull-ups and aerobic steps. The product is ideal for a high intensity cardio session, or a slow...
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