Total Body Suspension TRX
The Total Body Suspension Trainer is perfect for core muscle stability and cardiovascular exercises; as it targets all the major muscles and is also great for injury rehabilitation. This light weighted TRX is adjustable and can be used indoors as...
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Body Gym
LE 375.00 LE 263.00
Body Gym
Body Gym is a multi-functional device for strength, abs, back, arms and legs exercises.  Attach and detach the body gym from your doorway without drilling or fasteners. Fits most doors with soft foam for comfort, with a non-slippery soft hand...
LE 375.00 LE 263.00
Doorway Gym Bar
The Doorway Gym Bar will enable you to perform a variety of different chin-up and stretching exercises. Its a multi-functional equipment as the user can use it as a push-up and a sit-up bar as well, all you have to do is simply relocate the door gym...
LE 345.00
Long Doorway Gym Bar
The Doorway Gym Bar is a multi-functional equipment, as it can be used for both pull-ups and sit-ups. The product benefits the user through various ways as it  will allow you to exercise in almost any open door frame. It also allows you to vary ...
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