Dunlop Kids Squash Glasses sac junior - BLK
The Dunlop Junior Protective squash eyewear is designed for a smaller junior and kids sized face and features a rubberised nose piece for added comfort, as well as adjustable arms for a perfect fit. It has a polycarbonate one piece...
LE 700.00
Dunlop Kids Squash Racket play mini - Orange*White
Crafted with superior quality materials to resist wear and abrasions Textured, grippy surface prevent unwanted slippage and ensure safety Serves as an ideal accessory for professional gaming sessions Colour Name Orange-Silver Country of Origin Ireland Department Unisex Material Alloy Model...
LE 500.00
Dunlop Kids Tennis Ball 1 - Green
Dunlop Stage 1 Balls   The Dunlop Stage 1 Green Tennis Balls have been designed as transition balls which allows you more time to prepare your return shot. These Dunlop tennis balls are suitable for players of all ages and...
LE 105.00
Dunlop Kids Tennis Ball 2 - Orange
Gas filled allround training ball with slightly less compression. This ball with good quality felt is suitable for all surfaces and good for young, novice players who play at official measure courts but are physically not quite ready for the...
LE 105.00
Dunlop Kids Tennis racket CV Team JNR 19 G0 - Grey*Lime
Grip Size: 0Headsize: 19"- 83sq inches; 21"-83sq inches; 23"-100sq inchesWeight: 19"- 175g; 21"-190g; 23"-207gAluminium constructionString pattern: 19"-16 x 18; 21"-16 x 18; 23"-16 x 19
LE 800.00
Dunlop Kids Tennis racket CV Team JNR 21 G0 - Grey*Lime
Start the journey with CV TEAM JNR 21 , love the game RacquetThis premium, Aluminum junior racket is perfect for children aged 4–6 (around 3’6”–4”/110–122cm tall). Help them really nurture their potential. This racket will encourage any player to develop...
LE 800.00
Dunlop Kids Tennis racket CV Team JNR 25 G0 - Grey*Lime
Ideal racquet for beginners, it features an aluminum frame to ensure good frame stiffness without compromising the weight of the racquet.Grip Size: 0 Weight without strings: 217 gr Head size: 645 cm²; 100 inch String pattern 16/19 Premium aluminum racket for...
LE 900.00
Dunlop Kids Tennis Racket CX JNR 23 G0 - Red*Blk
The Dunlop CX Junior 23 is an aluminium premium racket for young tennis players from 6 to 9 years old and between 122 cm and 137 cm in height. Head Size: 95 Weight: 200 Beam Width: 18 Balance: 270 Length: 23...
LE 1,100.00
Dunlop Kids Tennis Racket CX JNR 25 G0 - Red*Blk
This premium, aluminium junior racket is perfect for young players aged 9-12 (around 4´6´´-5´´/137-152cm tall) Help them really nurture their potential.Specifications:- Headsize (cm2/in2): 645/100- Length (cm/in): 63.5/25- Unstrung weight (g/oz): 210/7.2- Unstrung balance (mm): 290- Beam width (mm): 20- String...
LE 1,100.00
Dunlop Kids Tennis racket NITRO 19 G9 - Green*White
Perfect for kids ages 2-4 years Specification :Beam Width: 22mm Length:49.2 cm / 19" Unstrung Weight: 195.6 / 9.2 g/oz String Pattern: 16 x 18 Unstrung Balance: 220mm Head Size:535cm² / 83"
LE 600.00
Dunlop Kids Tennis racket Nitro 21 G8 - Ylw*White
 Ideal for children 9 yrs MaxGrip Size: 8 Specification: Unstrung Balance: 250mm Beam Width: 21mm Length: 53.3cm /21" Unstrung Weight: 215 /7.6 g/oz String Pattern: 18 x 18 Head Size: 613 cm² / 95"
LE 600.00
Dunlop Kids Tennis racket NITRO 23 G7 - Blue*White
Perfect for kids ages 6-9Grip Size: 7 FEATURES Head Size: 613cm / 95"" Unstrung Balance: 265mm String Pattern: 18 x 18 Unstrung Weight: 222 /7.8 g/oz Length: 58.4cm /23"" Beam Width: 21mm Aluminum
LE 650.00
Dunlop Kids Tennis racket NITRO 25 G6 - Red*White
Lightweight and easy to maneuver Ideal for beginners and players aged 9-12 yrs Grip Size: 6" FEATURES " Head Size: 645 cm / 100"" String Pattern: 18 x 18 Length: 63.5cm /25"" Unstrung Weight: 242 /8.5 g/oz Beam Width: 21mm...
LE 700.00
Dunlop Kids Tennis Racket srixon 18revo cv 3.0 f-ls-g3 - PURPLE
Reach every shot with the fastest and lightest racquet in the CV F Series. Game improvers, intermediates and advanced juniors will find it easier to hit crisp, powerful shots thanks to the firm beam of the CV 3.0 F LS....
LE 3,080.00
Dunlop Kids Tennis Racket SX 300 JNR 26 G0 - Blk*Lime
The SX 300 Junior 26 is a premium tennis racket for young players from 12 years plus (depending on their height). The frame design and unstrung weight of approximately 250g provide a great power and spin level.Light and easy to...
LE 3,250.00
Dunlop Kids Tennis Racket TF SX 300 JNR 25 G0 - LIME*BLK
SX 300 JNR 25 Play with comfort and spin The SX 300 JNR 25 is a premium tennis racket for young players from 8-10 years plus (depending on their height). The frame design and unstrung weight of approximately 240g provides a...
LE 3,000.00
Dunlop Shampionship Tennis Ball - Green
DUNLOP ATP CHAMPIONSHIP ATP Championship Ball Officially endorsed by the ATP Tour, this mid-range ball is ideal for club and recreational players. The Max Core and Durafelt HD Cloth make this ball durable and suitable for play on all court...
LE 210.00
Dunlop Table Tennis Balls bl 40+club champ 6 bbl - ORANGE
About this item: Great playability and durability. Specifically designed for club play. Dunlop TT Ball 40+ CLUB CHAMP 6 BALL BLISTER Orange Color
LE 350.00 LE 109.00
Dunlop Table Tennis Racket bt rage predator - RED/BLK
Ideal for aggressive club players Durable and lightweight Designed to deliver maximum power capability Power: 80 Spin: 60 Control: 60 5-ply blade Cellular rubber type: 1.8mm
LE 550.00 LE 280.00
Dunlop Table Tennis Racket bt flux extreme - RED/BLK
Product made of superior quality material to resist wear and scratch The textured, textured, easy-to-grip surface prevents unwanted slipping and ensures safety A product that is an ideal accessory for professional gaming sessions Specifications color name multi-colors
LE 800.00 LE 440.00
Dunlop Unisex Hyprid Tennis String 1.30*1.35 - YLW*BLK
NT HYBRID YELLOW Hit crisper shots Hit crisper shots, thanks to a unique string coating that reduces the loss of string tension. Available in Sets only, in 16G (1.31mm) and 17G (1.25mm).
LE 250.00
Dunlop Unisex Padel Ball PRO PDL 3PET - Yellow
Exclusive core and premium-quality synthetic cloth gives outstanding durability. A faster flight and higher rebound than the classic Dunlop Padel ball make the Pro Padel ideal for tournament play. Available in a three-ball tube. Premium Quality Padel Ball: Pressurized can...
LE 195.00
Dunlop Unisex Padel Ball Team - Yellow
Pressurised PET with 3 specific padel balls. Exclusive core and high quality synthetic cloth for exceptional durability.Ideal ball for tournaments, training and schools.
LE 165.00
Dunlop Unisex padel Racket Boost Lite NH
Dunlop Boost Lite 2022 racket constructed with Graphite and Power Frame technology for exceptional performance for progressing players. Medium balance and round shape. Ultra Soft core and low density elastic EVA application for exceptional comfort and feel, with extra power...
LE 4,350.00

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