Elastic Resistance Band Set
The ultimate home workout tool for men and women; Body Sculpture's light, medium and heavy resistance bands customise and supercharge your workouts. These bands activate and sculpt butt, legs, thighs and abs. The bands boast a wider, more comfortable fit,...
LE 245.00
Exercise / Yoga Mat
The exercise mat by Body Sculpture is made from PE material, ensuring complete longevity and durability. It is hand washable and has an easy wipe clean surface. Ideal for yoga, aerobics and pilates. Specifications:  Easy to clean and smooth surface. Can...
LE 215.00
Exercise / Yoga Mat
The Exercise / Yoga Mat can be used for almost any floor exercise at home or in classes. This mat is soft and comfortable made from EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam rubber - ideal for yoga, fitness or Pilates. Slightly longer and...
LE 325.00
Cork Yoga Mat
The Cork Yoga Mat is ideal for stability with a thickness of 4 MM. The mat features excellent traction as its slip resistance, its also, made with a TPE coating which adheres perfectly to any floor surface, it does not move nor bend during a yoga...
LE 775.00
Exercise/Yoga Mat
This Exercise/Yoga Mat from Body Sculpture ensures a comfortable non-slip work out and secures foothold. This mat features custom made webbed carry strap and thick structure for maximum comfort. In addition to, its superior grip, the mat provides exceptional comfort...
LE 875.00
Yoga Brick
Keep this yoga accessory to make your training more challenging everyday. The Yoga Brick is suitable for all kinds of ground-based fitness exercises such as pilates and aerobics besides yoga. Designed to increase flexibility, improves alignment for deepening and elongate your stretches. Lightweight,...
LE 115.00
Yoga Mat
Body Sculpture brings to you this sculptured Yoga Mat that provides all fitness individuals with a non-slippery surface that will let you perform your yoga postures comfortably. It is available in an attractive blue color. Provides a stable non-slippery platform...
LE 425.00
Foam Roller
LE 495.00
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Foam Roller
The Foam Roller is an effective addition to any pilates, yoga, or physiotherapy routine. The product features a slightly inner center for increased durability, while being softer on the exterior layers for  the utmost comfort. The Foam Roller can be used...
LE 495.00
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Yoga Mat
The TPE Yoga Mat benefits the user in ease of movement, with its thick and slip resistance material. The waterproof, easy to clean, ultra-hygienic TPE Yoga Mat provides exceptional stability during exercising. The product is environmentally friendly as it features...
LE 675.00
Massage Ball Set
Stimulate bioactive points through massage and target specific injured areas. It is also perfect for recovery from back pain. Specifications:  Material: EPP 1 single ball: diameter 8cm + 1 dual ball: diameter 8cm x L 16cm Weight: 0.125kg
LE 175.00
Yoga Strap
The Yoga Strap will benefit the user through various ways as it allows the user extra arm length, a better posture, and assists in getting deeper into yoga positions; which makes it perfect for beginners. The product can also be used in physical therapy for...
LE 85.00
Massage Foam Roller
  An effective addition to any pilates, yoga or physiotherapy routine. It can be used for muscle massage, surface push-ups, balance building, and many other exercises from several disciplines. Harder inner construction for added durability. Specifications:  Great for balance training, self-myofascial...
LE 275.00
Muscle Roller Stick
The Muscle Roller Stick is ideal for improving both flexibility and muscle recovery, increases blood flow and circulation, reduces muscle tension and soreness, prevents injuries by reducing muscle fatigue and tightened muscle fibers before and after workouts. The product can be used on...
LE 295.00
ACT CORE LL GRAPHIC BACKPACK A MEDIUM-SIZE BACKPACK FOR SCHOOL, WORK OR CARRY-ON ESSENTIALS, MADE WITH RECYCLED MATERIALS You and this Reebok backpack are going to be besties. The big compartment lets you drop in a small laptop, books and...
LE 999.00
Take time to stretch, sweat and disconnect. Easily throw this yoga mat over your shoulder on your way to yoga class or solo practice. It has a convenient carry handle and is made of foam cushioning.
LE 999.00
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