Beginner's Guide for Football Shoes

Beginner's Guide for Football Shoes



Football shoes have become extremely popular all over the world. With football stars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo having their own personalized shoes and promoting them, people are flocking to get them without any practicality in mind. Yes, their shoes might be great in many aspects but they might not be what you need. Football shoes are designed with functionality in mind. Meaning that things like your playing position and the surface you’re playing on will affect your shoe choice. Continue reading to find out how to choose the right football shoe for you.

Playing surfaces hugely affects any player’s performance and the longevity of football shoes. That is why there are many different types of football shoes. The most common types are Firm Ground (FG), Turf (TF), and Flexible Ground (FxG). But these are not the only ones. Here’s a list of all Football shoes types and their purposes


Firm Ground Shoes (FG):

Firm Ground Shoes are designed for natural grass fields. They have plastic studs that provide traction and stability on natural grass. FGs are the most popular among all players. They can also be used on artificial grass and on wet surfaces.


 Artificial Grass Shoes (AG):

These shoes are designed for artificial grass. They have short studs that also provide traction. They are really durable as they are built to endure the hard surface of artificial grass. They can be used in most other surfaces, but for best performance use the shoes designed for the surface you are playing on.


 Flexible Ground Shoes (FxG - MG – FG/AG)

These shoes are the most multifunctional of all football shoes. They were designed to be used for more than one surface. They are perfect for natural grass, artificial grass and hard surfaces. They have a combination of conical and bladed studs that provide great traction on all three surfaces. However, they do not offer enough grip to be able to use them on wet surfaces. If you want a shoe that is cost-effective and practical, this is the one for you.


 Turf Shoes (TF):  

Turf shoes are designed for artificial turf, a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. They have the shortest studs, made out of rubber, out of all of the football shoes types. Turf shoes can be worn on any surface, but as mentioned before, it is better to wear each specific surface shoes. 


 Indoor Shoes (IN):  

Same as their names, these shoes are designed for indoor surfaces. They are completely flat and have patterns that provide traction on all flat surfaces. Indoor shoes can be used for Futsal and street football.


Soft Ground Shoes (SG):

Lastly, Soft Ground shoes are made for soft, wet surfaces like mud and wet grass. They are the only ones with removable studs. These studs provide the required penetration and stability on wet surfaces. They are heavier than most so they are more suitable to experienced football players. Soft Ground shoes cannot be used for any other surfaces to prevent any injuries.

Now that you have known all the types of football shoes, you need to know how to choose the right one for you.

When choosing a shoe, you need to keep in mind your playing position along with the type of surface you regularly play on. Avoid buying football shoes just because they look good. Buying the wrong shoes will result in blisters, injuries and a total waste of money. Make sure before buying your football shoes to take into account your playing position, foot shape and playing surface.

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