Overgrip Racket Airpro 386061
Specifications Replacment grip,self-adhesive,2.0mm thickness,approx length of 115cm, 2.5cm width Top-performance PU,microperforation for great absorption Tacky touch for ultimate comfort. Suitable for badminton,squash,and tennis rackets Color:Black Single blister
LE 117.00
Overgrip Racket 449167
Specifications Overgrip,0.6mm thickness,approx Length of 113 m, 2.7cm width High-performance PU, with excellent moisture absorbing Suitable for badminton,squash and tennis rackets Color:Black,blister 3 pcs
LE 108.00
Racket Badminton Racket 2- Attaker Set
Description Get the bestseller from the well-known German-British brand Talbot-Torro now.  Talbot-Torro is known for its large selection of quality badminton/shuttlecock sets.  The popular 2-attacker set impresses with 2 racquets made of hardened steel and is one of the best-selling...
LE 435.00
Overgrip Racket 449060
            Specifications Replacment grip, self-adhesive,1.88mm. thickness,approx Length of 90cm, 2.5cm width high-performance PU,Perfect touch for best comfort. Suitable for badminton and squash racketsColor:Black Single blister
LE 102.00
Badminton Racket 2 B- Funny Set
     Description 2 robust Rackets made of tempered steel +2 shuttlecocks in a polybag. Easy to use It is a good quality durable product. We ensure you to get the best usage of this product for a longer period...
LE 290.00
Badminton Racket 4- Attaker Set Plus
Description The well-known German-British brand Talbot-Torro is known for its large selection of quality badminton and shuttlecock sets.  The 4-Attacker Plus set impresses with its extensive, complete equipment: 4 robust bats made of hardened steel.  The head and shaft of...
LE 930.00
Badminton Racket 2- Attaker Junior Set
Description Get the popular children's badminton set 2-Attacker Junior from the well-known German-British brand Talbot-Torro.  Talbot-Torro is known for its large selection of quality badminton/shuttlecock sets.  The 2-Attacker Junior set impresses with 2 shortened, robust children's bats made of hardened...
LE 405.00
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