Bullpadel Gemma Triay Elite Black Padel Racket Bag
The new ELITE padel racket bag from the Gemma Triay collection is a padel racket bag with a sober design and medium capacity. that has a main compartment to store everything you need, in addition, it has two compartments thermo with capacity...
LE 2,400.00
Bullpadel Padel Balls FIP Next Pro
Pot of 3 NEXT PRO balls of maximum speed and great quality designed for competitions and tournaments. It is a very resistant padel ball that provides excellent ball output, great control and a long duration for the most demanding players....
LE 240.00
Bullpadel Padel Bals Premium Pro
ϻ¿Brand: Ballpadel3 Padel Balls In Can Padel Balls
LE 190.00
Bullpadel Men Racket Vertex 03 Pro 22
The K2 Power Racket Is A Diamond-Shaped Racket With Maximum Power And Great Efficiency. A Racket For Intermediate Or Advanced Players. Its Outer Core Is Made Up Of Polyglass Fibreglass, And The Inner Core Is Made Of New Multieva Rubber...
LE 7,600.00
Bullpadel Over Grip - white
LE 45.00
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Bullpadel Over Grip - white
Bullpadel Overgrip The Bullpadel Overgrip Will Provide The Necessary Comfort During Your Matches. This Model Insures Great Sweat Absorption In Order To Keep Your Hands Dry And To Have Fantastic Feel !  Comes 1 per order Thickness : 0,6 Mm Weight :...
LE 45.00
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Bullpadel Racket Cover
One Side Compartments To Store Your Racket(S). A Central One To Store Clothes, Balls, Towel, Accessories, Etc. Or An Extra Racket. Separate Shoe Pocket To Store The Shoes. Side Pocket To Store Small Belongings Approximate Dimensions: 58 Cm X 30...
LE 250.00
Bullpadel Unisex Racket Bp10 Evo 22
Description: The new padel racket Bullpadel BP10 Evo 22 is a very manageable and very effective racket, with a round shape and low balance, and that has the new STReinforce system. It is a shovel that is designed for intermediate...
LE 3,200.00
Bullpadel Woimen Racket Flow Light 22
Description: We present the incredible Bullpadel Flow Light 2022 padel racket. Built with the construction technology of the 100% bi-directional interlaced Carbon padel racket frame. This construction provides the maximum mechanical response guaranteeing a perfect compromise between power and control. It has...
LE 3,200.00
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