Body Sculpture Hex Dumbbell, Rubber with Iron Handles, Multi Weights
The Hex Dumbbells Are Ideal For Training At Home. Lift The Workout To The Next Level And Perform Exercises For: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Chest, Back And Legs By Using The Hexagonal Dumbbells. Protect Any Surface From Scratches By The Soft...
LE 275.00 from LE 135.00
Body Sculpture women's Vinyl Dumbbell set Multicolor Multiple Weights
Affordable Smart Dumbbells Are Versatile And Easy-To-Use Weights That Aid In Performing A Wide Variety Of Workouts To Improve Your Health, Strength And Fitness. The Comfy Ergonomic Design Makes Them Simple To Use. Tone Your Arms And Upper Body. Please Note:...
from LE 195.00
Body Sculpture Neoprene Kettlebell
Neoprene Kettlebells Are Madeâ From Solid Cast Iron With A Protective Neoprene Coating; Which Helps Make It Floor Friendly. Also, The Product Features An Easy Grip Handle. The Neoprene Kettlebell Provides Progressive Training, Making It Perfect Forâ At Home Gyms. Its Ideal...
from LE 199.00
Body Sculpture Hantel Neoprene Dumbbells BW-131-1KG
Neoprene Dumbbells Are Versatile, Ergonomically Designed And Easy-To-Use Weights That Aid In Performing A Wide Variety Of Workouts. The Neoprene Dumbbells Are Non-Slippery, Easy To Clean And Bright In Color.  Made From Very Carefully Chosen Materials €“ Free From Phthalates...
from LE 175.00
Body Sculpture Weight Plate
Made Of Solid Cast Iron And Coated In Black Rubber To Add A Layer Of Protection For Fitness Equipment And Floors And Safety For The User. Weight Plates Can Be Used To Perform Muscle Strengthening Exercises And Endurance Training, And To...
from LE 355.00
Body Sculpture Core Push up Grips, 2kg, Multicolor, Multiple Positions
Interchangeable Handles Allow For Multiple Positions To Target Your Upper Body, Each Colour-Coded To Match Specific Muscles.  Instability Resistance Is Great For Increasing Difficulty To Work On A Wider Range Of Muscles. It Can Be Removed For Flat Workouts. Made From...
LE 1,295.00
Back Trainer
LE 1,995.00
Back Trainer
With its height adjustable stomach pad to fit all body sizes. The Back Trainer provides convenience for the user; with its sturdy design of wide base frame which is built to ensure maximum safety of the user. The Back Trainer is idle...
LE 1,995.00
Body Sculpture Ankle Weights (2.25 Kg)
Muscle Toning Or Strengthening Aims To Make Muscles Firmer By Tensing The Muscle Fibers Used To Support The Skeleton.  Add Extra Resistance And Increase The Intensity Of Your Workout To Maximise Your Potential. Ankle Weights Are Great For Helping In...
LE 535.00
Body Sculpture Push Up Bars
Push Ups Enhance Your Technique And Help Build Your Chest, Back, Arms, And Shoulders Muscles. Handle Grip Is Covered In Velcro For Comfort And Lower Part Covered To Protect Floor And Provide Non-Slippery Surface.  Specifications:  Material: Neoprene Covered In Velcro. ...
LE 475.00
Body Sculpture 10Kg Adjustable Weight Vest
Increase Your Stamina And Develop Your Power And Strength By Increasing The Intensity Of Any Exercise. Ideal For Jogging, Aerobic Classes Or Toning Exercise. Soft Steel Weight Adjustable To Provide A Secure, Comfortable Fit. Fully Padded Lining For Comfort And Nylon Outer...
LE 2,435.00
Body Sculpture Weight Lifting Bar With Chrome Locks 183Cm
Have Effective Workouts With This 183Cm Chrome Steel Bar. This Bar Is Made Of Solid Steel. Chrome Finish, Fit 1 Inch Hole Standard Plate, Thread Ends With Star-Lock Collars. Specifications: Size:183 Cm Weight: 9Kg Material: Chrome Steel Bar Two Chrome...
LE 725.00
Body Sculpture BB-2400 Trx Total Body Suspension Trainer - Nylon
The Total Body Suspension Trainer is perfect for core muscle stability and cardiovascular exercises; as it targets all the major muscles and is also great for injury rehabilitation. This light weighted TRX is adjustable and can be used indoors as...
LE 1,695.00 LE 1,099.00
Adjustable Soft Ankle/ Wrist Weights (1.15Kg)
Soft Wrist/Ankle Weights Acts As A Resistance Workout Aid And A Cardiovascular Workout Intensifier. This Weight In This Set Is Adjustable, So You Can Remove Or Add Your Resistance Level To Tailor Your Workout. Simply Pull Up The Soft Neoprene,...
LE 675.00
Wrist / Ankle Weights (1.15Kg)
Muscle Toning Or Strengthening Aims To Make Muscles Firmer By Tensing The Muscle Fibers Used To Support The Skeleton. Add Extra Resistance And Increase The Intensity Of Your Workout To Maximise Your Potential. Wrist And Ankle Weights Are Great Help In...
LE 355.00
Body Sculpture Weight Lifting Zigzag Bar
Constructed To Directly Boost Your Biceps, Triceps, And Forearm Muscles, This Weight Curl Bar Set Enhances Arm Strength, Power, And Control. It Is A Perfect Choice For Home Exercise, Saving The Time And Energy For You To Go To A...
LE 645.00
Body Sculpture Body Gym
Body Gym Is A Multi-Functional Device For Strength, Abs, Back, Arms And Legs Exercises.  Attach And Detach The Body Gym From Your Doorway Without Drilling Or Fasteners. Fits Most Doors With Soft Foam For Comfort, With A Non-Slippery Soft Hand...
LE 595.00
Body Sculpture Doorway Gym Bar
LE 675.00 LE 439.00
Body Sculpture Doorway Gym Bar
Theâ Doorway Gym Bar Will Enable Youâ To Perform A Variety Of Differentâ Chin-Up And Stretching Exercises. Its A Multi-Functional Equipment As The User Can Use It As Aâ Push-Up And A Sit-Up Barâ As Well, All You Have To Do Is Simply Relocate The Door Gym...
LE 675.00 LE 439.00
Body Sculpture Power Training Rope
Elevate Your Strength Workout With Body Sculpture Power Training Rope. Targets Key Strength Areas Including Back, Arms, Shoulders And  Legs. Itâ Works The Entire Body For Overall Strength And Conditioning, It Also Helps Build Grip Strength.  Specifications:  Size: L 30 Feet X Dia...
LE 2,175.00
Body Sculpture Long Doorway Gym pull up Bar, Coated Steel, BB-262-L
Theâ Doorway Gym Bar Is A Multi-Functional Equipment, As It Can Be Used For Bothâ Pull-Ups And Sit-Ups. The Product Benefitsâ The User Through Variousâ Ways As Itâ  Will Allow You To Exerciseâ In Almost Any Open Door Frame. It Also Allows You To Varyâ ...
LE 795.00
Body Sculpture Dumbbell Bar Hand With Locks
The Dumbbell Bar With Locks Are Easy To Use And Can Be Utilized By Beginners And Advanced Weightlifters. It Of High-Quality Steel And Has A Sturdy And Durable Structure. The Fully Adjustable Design Makes The Installation And Disassembly Of The...
LE 275.00
Slam Ball 30Lb
LE 1,295.00
Slam Ball 30Lb
  Slam balls are great for working the entire body and for releasing some aggression.  Textured surface allows for a high quality grip even when wet. No bounce design proves to be ideal for various throwing and Slamming routines Specifications:  Grip-friendly,...
LE 1,295.00
Body Sculpture 3 In 1 Roller
The Core Push Up Rollers Can Be Used To Perform Ab Exercises , Balance Push Ups, Push Ups, Dips &Amp; Planks. The Balance Edge Helps Engage Tendons As Well As The Main Muscle Groups. The Solid Edge Can Be Used For...
LE 425.00
Body Sculpture Medicine Ball With Handle
ade of eco-friendly & odorless rubber, this medicine ball is 100% harmless to the health. High-density rubber enhances durability and appearance making this ball perfect for toning muscles and increasing coordination.  Specifications:  Dual handles provide a secure grip And the...
from LE 1,335.00
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