New Year New You

New Year New You

New Years are worldwide symbols of new beginnings. With every New Year, our self-improvement tendencies gets renewed and we get refilled with drive and optimism. We get the feeling that we want to right our wrongs from last year and leave all our bad habits behind. All these feelings and aspirations can be summarized as New Year’s Resolutions. Making your resolutions is easy but in hindsight, you’ll find that fulfilling them is challenging. Some people’s resolutions are quitting smoking, or getting fit, or spending less money, and so on. Others want to take on new hobbies or break personal records. At the start of every year, it’s easy to delude ourselves into making these resolutions and thinking we’ll achieve it. However, actually going through with them can be extremely rewarding.  Here are some of the most common, easy and rewarding resolutions

Starting a new hobby

Starting new hobbies or pastimes is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Some people get the drive they need with every New Year to pursue their long forgotten interests, especially sports related interests. We often find a good number of people signing up for new sports in January and forgetting about them later as the year goes by. Imagine how fulfilling it will be when you end the year with a new hobby and skill. To do that, you need to just have fun with it. The point of having a hobby is having fun while wasting time. Sharing your hobbies will also help in maintaining it. Most sports are social sports that will help you engage more and maybe gain a new friend circle that can share your interests. Sports like Padel, Tennis and basketball can build you a whole new community to simply enjoy your pastime while also gaining new abilities and making new friends.

Getting fit

Another common resolution is getting more fit and reaching certain body image expectations. No wonder gym subscription rates sky rocket every New Year. We all know at least one person who started going to the gym or working out in general at the beginning of the year and then gradually resort back to their old routine. This resolution needs you to be realistic when setting your goals. You can’t set unrealistic expectations because you will only find yourself discouraged. For instance, setting achievable milestones for weight loss or muscle gain will help you stay consistent and get fruitful results. Tracking your progress while rewarding yourself regularly will reduce your chances of getting burnt out, and subsequently quit. It is also important to know when to rest and wind down to enjoy your fitness journey.


Stress is an unavoidable aspect of our lives. It is easy to get carried away with it, moreover getting consumed by it. The more we advance in life, the more stressed we get. Consequently, practicing mindfulness and meditation became a popular resolution set by many individuals of all kinds. This can be challenging as it requires discipline to go through with it. For the most part, humans are accustomed to stress. It unknowingly becomes our comfort zone. Breaking free from its confinements can be rough yet alleviating. To achieve mindfulness, you need to get to the roots and causes of your stress. Identifying your problems is the direct solution to solving them. Meditation and Yoga are vouched to have remedial effects to stress. Adding them to your daily routine will result in overall wellbeing, ease and content.

Healthier Lifestyle

If there is one resolution that can sum everything up, its’s this one. Who doesn’t want a healthier lifestyle, with healthy habits, enjoyable hobbies and a good mindset? Overall improvement is widely sought out, yet rarely attained. We are surrounded by temptations daily, along with setbacks and hurdles. To stick to this resolution, you need to be forgiving towards yourself when it comes to setbacks. Being too hard on oneself is the main cause of resorting to our bad habits. This prompts us to believe that our old lifestyle has less of a toll on us than our new healthy one. Practicing forgiveness and acceptance is the way to go for a healthy lifestyle. All of this will result in satisfying routine with the room for redeemable mistakes.



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