Ready to wear the latest activewear? Not only is it intricately designed, it’s also stylish and comfortable you’ll want to wear it everywhere! We bring you, SQUATWOLF. Want to find out more? Continue reading this article to get all the scoop. 

WayUp Sports Bringing You the Best In The Industry: SQUATWOLF Is Here!


Do you believe that good things come to those who sweat? Well, the pioneers of SQUATWOLF do and we’re bringing you the best in sportswear to break a sweat in style. With the company’s mission of elevating human experience and vision to create products that inspire and add purpose to one’s life, the success was inevitable to shine as the values, and the goals were clear and met. We know how difficult it is to find modern and edgy gym clothes here in Egypt, and because you deserve the best, WayUp Sports has brought you one of the best in the industry.


Dubai-born and designed active-wear brand SQUATWOLF is a fashionable fitness gear line that can withstand even the most rigorous workouts, designed for both men and women with diverse T-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits, leggings, sports bras, and hats. Launched in 2016, SQUATWOLF is currently available in over 120 countries. The firm was created by two sports enthusiasts who saw a need for effective and

fashionable workout wear. Each piece is designed by expert trainers and the community of people who consider the gym to be their second home. The fabric used to make the clothes is designed for the busy lifestyles of its wearers. Every piece of in SQUATWOLF is designed for an active lifestyle.





Good news for women: look no more. Their leggings are squat and sweat proof suitable for any kind of activity, guaranteed to provide you with confidence throughout all your workouts. Every element is designed with the gym goer in mind, from the fit to the stitch to the fabric. Whether your passion is running, yoga, pilates, boxing, functional training, or anything in between, SQUATWOLF has got you covered by manufacturing all its products moisture-wicking, lightweight, and breathable with the best. Rest assured you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Not only are the products suitable for the gym, they’re also perfect for traveling and going out. As for men, your intense workouts will thank you later for keeping your performance at its peak throughout the whole time. Their T-shirts will keep you cool and dry for an extended period of time in your most extensive workouts or your rest days.


Who doesn’t long for finding stylish yet comfortable clothes that can

be multi-functional? Well, let the brand speak for itself. You’ll be surprised by how soft, comfortable, and stretchy their material feels on your body. What also makes them stand out is that they spend months perfecting the fit for different body shapes and sizes to accommodate all body types. Diversity is the key to success, so whether you’re a black and white kind of person or love to shine with bright colors, SQUATWOLF will accommodate your workout style with their diverse collection of athleisure. Ranging from relaxed fit, compressed fit, seamless and much more, SQUATWOLF collaborates with leading designers and the latest performance technologies to bring its athletes and customers the most premium workout gear possible, suitable for everyday and every workout. We did just that to offer you a unique collection here in Egypt exclusive at WayUp Sports; your one stop online shop for all your sports needs, bringing you the latest from the comfort of your own home. We focus on maintaining a distinctive product range to appeal to as many people as possible. As our mission here at WayUp Sports, is to constantly improve the sports market, we are thrilled to always bring you the best -and with SQUATWOLF, you’ll definitely feel your best.

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