The Future of Fitness

The Future of Fitness

The health and fitness industry were two of the most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, with innumerable closures and limited capacities. Without a question, the pandemic irreversibly altered the fitness business, making customers reconsider their priorities and behaviors while also compelling the sector to develop. Gyms and fitness studios have restructured their operations to a hybrid business model, which combines in-person and online services.

What are key strategies for growth?

Millennials (ages 25 to 41) and Generation Z (18-24) have emerged as fitness operators' intended audience. According to the 2019 Les Mills Global Consumer Fitness Survey, Millennials and Gen Zers make up 80% of all gymgoers. In other words, regaining these age groups is critical to fitness studio success.

Expand digital offerings for target audience:

Because they were the top users of on-demand and livestream options during studio closures, digital fitness is the essential push to recommit Gen Z and millennials to your studio. Virtual fitness material also plays a significant part in Gen Z and millennials' desire to return to the gym. As part of a typical, in-person subscription, studios and gyms must give additional value and flexibility by offering on-demand and live streaming lessons. As an additional upgrade for members, a step further would be done by offering customized on-demand video training based on the goals customers wish to attain. Or collaborate with at-home equipment suppliers, offering consumers discounts to make workouts at home more affordable. At WayUp Sports, you can find a variety of offers and discounts that will surely meet your needs.


Grow outdoor classes:

Outdoor activities have increased since the outbreak. According to the American College of Sports Medicine's annual poll, outdoor activities scored third among the top 20 fitness trends for 2022. During the warmer months, gyms and fitness studios might benefit from introducing additional outside choices to their class schedules, such as cycling, group jogging, yoga, or body-weight training. At WayUp Sports, we also offer all types of sportswear for all the different types of fitness activities you would need for the perfect hike or running sprint.


Upgrade your equipment:

With practically every studio or gym reopening, and some operating under a hybrid model, it's critical to make the in-studio experience as interesting and current as your virtual services. The worldwide demand for health and wellbeing is expected to rise. Furthermore, the demand for workout equipment and accessories will grow further. This is one of the things that made us, WayUp Sports, stand out in the toughest times of the pandemic, as the main method of working out was at home. Numerous people ordered their favorite equipment from us to help them get stay on track. This is also apparent nowadays, as it has become a sort of necessity for individuals to ultimately have a back-up workout at home, when they can’t squeeze a trip to the gym into their day. We provide various options for all kinds of equipment that will make for the ideal scenario for you at home. Whether it’s dumbbells, ropes, bands, kettlebells, or anything else in between, we assure you will find the right fitness equipment at our one-stop hub.

A new perspective on the possibilities of training brings outcomes. As a result, fitness industry trends are gaining traction and being actively integrated into our lives. The fitness industry's impact is growing as people reconsider the value of exercise and look for easier solutions to get in shape. The increased knowledge of the advantages of physical exercise and measured nutrition has resulted in this fitness industry trend. Consumers today are more mindful of their bodies and require different types of fitness. As a result, more individuals are looking for new ways to keep healthy and fit.


Sense of Community:

The fitness industry's future will need the business to engage in community development. It will be on in-person community rather than big-box memberships. People will be redefining what it means to exercise. Consumer expectations determine the fitness industry's future. More people desire a place to socialize rather than just work out. Social fitness is more crucial than ever before. It's a huge selling factor for new gym, health club, and studio members. To remain competitive, fitness centers must foster a feeling of community. Some gyms have achieved this through cultivating an online and offline community. In their boutique studios, others have developed an intimate, communal atmosphere.



For far too long, people with bigger bodies have faced limits, criticism, and intimidation in areas meant to enable us all realize our full potential. We've witnessed an essential shift in how we approach larger bodies in recent years, owing to the body positivity movement and other critical inquiries that have challenged complacent preconceptions about weight and size. However, fitness environments can be a final frontier for a certain strain of body discrimination, where anti-fat bias and weight-related shame are deeply embedded in our cultural conception of what it means to be "fit." It's time to break away from this restricted perspective. Making room for everyone to feel welcome is the future of fitness. At WayUp Sports, we believe in all different body types and support every fit. We encourage you to check our variety of sizes, because after all it’s the clothes we buy that are supposed to fit us, not the other way round. We are firm believers in body positivity and hope to make you feel your utmost best wearing from the wide range of collections we offer you.


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