Power Trimmer (Massage Gun)
The Power Trimmer (Massage Gun) is ideal for accelerating recovery after workouts and existing exercise injuries. As the product can be used to relieve muscle stiffness, spasms and soreness; the Power Trimmer (Massage Gun) promotes both blood and lymph circulation. You can use the Massage Gun...
LE 2,950.00
Smart Dumbbells Set
Body Sculpture's Smart Dumbbells are perfect for use at home or any gym class. Dumbbell training is ideal for toning the arms and upper body muscles. The Smart Dumbbells also feature an ergonomic design for the utmost comfort while in...
LE 775.00
Massage Foam Roller
An effective addition to any pilates, yoga or physiotherapy routine. The Foam Roller features a slightly inner center for increased durability, while being softer on the exterior layers for comfort. It can be used for muscle massage, surface push-ups, balance...
LE 495.00
from LE 3,950.00
Unleash your inner thrill-seeker with Body Sculpture trampoline. This trampoline is packed with innovative features to inspire safe freestyle play. The jumping mat allows kids to express themselves through dynamic movement. Trampolines are also a very efficient exercising tool. Trampoline exercises are a...
from LE 3,950.00
Magnetic Bike
The Magnetic Bike is both an efficient and effective way to burn calories and body fat while strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscles all in the same time while exercising with this product. The Magnetic Bike will benefit the user through various ways as it boosts one's...
LE 3,950.00
Aerobic Stepper
The Aerobic Stepper is ideal for home workout sessions, and even allows the user to exercise in office spaces and on the go. Offers an excellent traction on any floor; provides stability and protects floors. With an adjustable height option of:...
LE 525.00
Interchangeable handles allow for multiple positions to target your upper body, each colour-coded to match specific muscles.  Instability resistance is great for increasing difficulty to work on a wider range of muscles. It can be removed for flat workouts. Made from...
LE 795.00
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