Exercise/Yoga Mat
This Exercise/Yoga Mat from Body Sculpture ensures a comfortable non-slip work out and secures foothold. This mat features custom made webbed carry strap and thick structure for maximum comfort. In addition to, its superior grip, the mat provides exceptional comfort...
LE 875.00
Interchangeable handles allow for multiple positions to target your upper body, each colour-coded to match specific muscles.  Instability resistance is great for increasing difficulty to work on a wider range of muscles. It can be removed for flat workouts. Made from...
LE 795.00
Push Up Bars
Push Ups enhance your technique and help build your chest, back, arms, and shoulders muscles. Handle grip is covered in velcro for comfort and lower part covered to protect floor and provide non-slippery surface.  Specifications:  Material: neoprene covered in velcro. ...
LE 285.00
Core Sliders
The Core Slider helps balance your body by creating resisting movements in both directions, which works as a push-pull effect that will help your muscles engage correctly through your exercises, and helps in building core strength and increases flexibility. The products low-friction, non-marking material...
LE 225.00
Exercise Wheel
The Exercise Wheel is ideal for abdominal strength exercises; as it helps prevent lower back pain and improves user's sports performance as well. Ab wheel exercises effectively strengthens a large number of muscles such as: arms, shoulders, and back. The product also increases your...
LE 205.00
Leather Fitness Gloves
The Leather Fitness Gloves is a product that is perfected to enhance a durable grip so your hands will feel protected and never hurt or feel uncomfortable throughout lifting weight sessions. Its design features a padded palm for ultimate comfort during workouts and...
from LE 355.00
Leather Weight Lifting Gloves
The Leather Weight Lifting Gloves is ideal for weight-lifting sessions. As it protects your fingers from any possible injury or irritation during working out, it features wrist straps designed to aid with wrist support for lifting weights, performing cross training, Olympic lifts like snatches, clean and...
LE 465.00
Power Roller Core (Exercise Wheel)
Power Roller Core (Exercise Wheel) trains multiple parts of the body in the same time as it can exercise your hips, thighs, waist arms and calves, 80% of the muscles and joints of the whole body. The product also works on strengthen...
LE 675.00
Foam Roller
LE 495.00
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Foam Roller
The Foam Roller is an effective addition to any pilates, yoga, or physiotherapy routine. The product features a slightly inner center for increased durability, while being softer on the exterior layers for  the utmost comfort. The Foam Roller can be used...
LE 495.00
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Weight lifting bar with chrome locks 183cm
Have effective workouts with this 183cm chrome steel bar. This bar is made of solid steel. Chrome finish, fit 1 inch hole standard plate, thread ends with star-lock collars. Specifications: Size:183 cm Weight: 9KG Material: Chrome steel bar Two chrome...
LE 425.00
Balance Board
The Balance Board challenges your core strength and balance. It strengthens your muscles, as the Balance Board constantly requires that you adjust your weight to maintain your balance and stay upright which ultimately improves balance and coordination of the user. The Balance Board also benefits the user...
LE 295.00
Pilates Ring
The Pilates Ring is ideal for simple and varied exercises. The user will benefit from the product through various ways; as the product allows the user to get a full body workout.  By utilizing the product’s resistance you’ll be able to sculpt problem areas...
LE 325.00
Power Band Set
Power bands help work the whole body out with ease, with no constraints of being in the gym. Power bands/resistance bands is an excellent way to stretch your body muscles before working out. The product also allows you to perform...
LE 325.00
Weighted Speed Rope
The Weighted Speed Rope is an upgrade from your regular jump rope; as the heavy ropes require upper body strength to continue spinning the rope for repeated jumps during your workout. This product can enhance your workouts via stamina, aguility progressive overloading,...
LE 295.00
Programmable Magnetic Elliptical Strider
The Programmable Magnetic Elliptical Strider is ideal for a full body workout as it works on your upper body; pulling and pushing the strider poles works your biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders and back muscles, also works on lower body; the motion works your quadriceps, hamstrings and...
LE 11,950.00 LE 8,365.00
Motorized Treadmill
The Motorized Treadmill features a deluxe LCD computer screen for keeping you in track with your: body fat, hand pulse, time, speed, distance and calories. The deluxe LCD computer screen buttons can easily be accessed for your personalised speed and angles of running deck of your...
LE 22,950.00
Skip Rope
The Skip Rope features an ergonomic design for easy grip, with a handle coated with soft foam grips for maximum comfort during exercising. The user will benefit from this product various ways via improving coordination, breathing efficiency, and helps increase the intensity of circuit-training workouts....
LE 175.00
Fitness Loop 6.4cm
The Fitness Loop is ideal for rehabilitation, stretching exercises before and after workouts, easy to learn; makes it perfect for beginners, allows the user to gain a full-body workout, and assists in progression; by increasing fitness level. The resistance aspect...
LE 695.00
5 Resistance Band Set
Resistance bands help work the whole body out with ease as they allow you to work out the whole body and not be limited to the constraints you have when not in the gym. Resistance bands is an excellent way...
LE 375.00
Bosu Ball
Bosu Ball provides cardio, muscular strength, flexibility and endurance training in a unique, challenging and highly effective workouts. Challenging and fun, it gives a whole new meaning to "moving with control" as you workout on an unstable dynamic surface.  Specifications: ...
LE 1,495.00
Power Band (0.35mm)
Power bands help work the whole body out with ease, with no constraints of being in the gym. Power bands/resistance bands is an excellent way to stretch your body muscles before working out. The product also allows you to perform simple exercises to...
LE 75.00
Massage Roller
The Massage Roller is beneficial in various ways; as it increases the blood flow, improves movement, allows the user better range in movement; as the product assists with properly stretching and lubricating the muscle area the user targets, relieves muscular soreness, decreases recovery time for...
LE 175.00
Exercise Wheel With Bungee Cords
The Exercise Wheel With Bungee Cords is ideal as your spine maintains its optimal position when your core muscles are well-balanced. From this stable spine position, you are able to retain good posture and provide a solid, centered base from which the muscles...
LE 345.00
Weight lifting zigzag bar
Constructed to directly boost your biceps, triceps, and forearm muscles, this weight curl bar set enhances arm strength, power, and control. It is a perfect choice for home exercise, saving the time and energy for you to go to a...
LE 375.00
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